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Posted by Alanjosef Caceres on Aug 01, 2009 to Philippines
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Hello guys! Last time I discussed about my experience in Pataan Falls about our experience three years ago, and for our next summer vacation this coming 2010, we will be able to go back there again. Wow! I heard that Pata-an falls now has been upgraded with different facilities like billiards, videoke bar and wifi access, and I can't believe, I will bring my laptop there and to access the internet sometime after enjoying eating and swimming with my family and friends. It would be a lot more exciting because of such new features that were being implemented by the owner of the Pata-an Falls Mountain Resort.

The last time we have come to Pata-an Falls was about three years ago, when me, my sisters, my mom and her government colleagues have proposed an annual summer vacation, and this is one we're talking about right now, but unfortunately, my dad didn't come because of his busy works in his office with Atty. Palanca. It's cold out there, no need for airconditioned rooms or fans, and soo we will go there again! Woohoo!

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