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Posted by Jeff Caceres on Aug 01, 2009 to Nigeria
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Have you been in Nigeria? My dad has been in Nigeria since the 1980's as he was promoted to teach there about accounting and other commerce subjects. But he told me in his story in Nigeria that he's not really comfortable on Nigeria, you know why? He has been very sick in Nigeria many times like allergies, chicken pox and other irritable diseases, because he tried to maintain his health, but since he's new to Nigeria, he has not been aware of the culture, and he has been sending money to his family as he was away.

He also shared to me his pictures in Nigeria on how he lived there, and his boarding house was also messy with his boardmates, and he says that it is not really comfortable in Nigeria even he stayed theer for three years or four I think. If I will question myself, do I have to stay there for so long? Nah! I think my dad's right, because I don't want to suffer the same thing with my dad's experience a couple of decades ago. Hehehe.

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