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Posted by Vince Cruz on Aug 17, 2009 to Philippines
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This mall is one of the newest ever established within Bacolod City, located at B.S. Aquino Drive, which is known as the Triangle Home Depot. It is likely more on home depot which composed of huge collection of furnitures for sale like sofa set, dining tables, wardrobes, cabinets and other ones. I have been here last month with my family to see what Triangle has in store inside. Robinson's Supermarket is affiliated with them, so that's why they are one of the things which customers are attracted to it, and it's like a mall, because there are restaurants and other stalls that will make them satisfied for good.

Outside within the mall are restaurants like Andok's, the country's original lechon manok restaurant, and it tastes good. Also featured are various internet centers, cellphone shops and on the second floor, is a bargain type like the 888 Chinatown Square, but I think there's still few of them, and it's still improving. Even foreigners and travellers around the country I saw like US, Japan, UK and Korea are visiting this place for good with satisfaction. This is a simple mall, and I would like to invite everyone to go to this mall located at B.S. Aquino Drive in Bacolod City, by just riding a taxi or jeepney.

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