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Posted by India Trips on Aug 10, 2013 to India
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India is a testimony to nature's splendor, featuring lines of coconut trees in Goa, incredible networking of backwaters and stretched charm of green valleys in Shimla. The beauty of India cannot be written on a plain paper, it is just an essence to feel. On the south point, you’ll explore number of natural enhancements and wonders. On the other side, India is steeped in architecture innovation in north. The central part of India is known for its varied flexible vegetation & lust forests. So, India holidays are in bulk that meets with the needs of the all age groups.

Experience magical moments in Kerala, a land of wonderments and human innovations. People who are looking for incredible places to see in Kerala, they could opt for a trip to the backwaters. The marvelous backwaters of Kerala are a must-see attraction that affirms to be the jewel of this state. It is a group of rivers, lakes, bays and inlets, embodying the magic of Mother Nature and originally formed backwaters. Cruising on houseboats is truly a pride of Kerala tour packages, granting you plenty of gripping sightseeing to explore. Highlights include palm and coconut groves, bird-sanctuary and the lifestyle of Kerlalities.

In addition to this, visitors can explore a vast collection of pristine beaches in Goa. The palm-fringed coconut trees, encircled by sun-kissed beaches add the beauty of this place. Nature enthusiasts will be intrigued with high range of flora & fauna in Goa. There are number of national parks & sanctuaries that present you a marvel mixture of rich vegetation and animals. Other than it, Goa offers you a religious experience while having galore of ancient temples & churches. The journey of green paradise Goa would not be completed unless you don’t take a taste of Goa dishes. Considering taste and budget of all types of travelers, Goa is categorized a varied range of restaurants such as deluxe, semi-luxury traditional and affordable. India tour operator

If you are an enthusiast of nature, you would recommend India hill station for your splendid holidays. God has blessed India with plenty of hill stations whose beauty cannot be explained in human words. The most magnetizing hill station of north India is Shimla which is bounded by hilly mountains and green valleys. Due to its gifted natural splendor, it is also considered a perfect place for camera shooting. Moreover, visitors will be pleased with its varied flora & fauna as they can find loads of exotic wildlife &natural wonderments in number of national parks. Well, India tour packages are in plenty and each feature has its own charm to influence the visitors and thus makes it one of the most gripping destinations in all over the world.

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